Questions About Ukraine Funding; Where Is Taxpayers 100 BILLION Going? No Student Loan Forgiveness For US Citizens! No Homeless Housing For US Citizens! YouTube

Why is it worth 100 billion to protect a non NATO country’s border, when the US border is not worth protecting with even a fraction of that amount?

Why is there no TRANSPARENCY around the 100 billion going to Ukraine?

Why did the politicians who voted for sending this money vote NO on auditing it, and voted NO on an inspector general?

Why is Ukraine being treated like a SUPER US STATE, with direct support for all of it’s citizens, government agencies, and more, without any debate?

Why is there no voting being done on sending US taxpayer dollars to Ukraine?

Why is this 100 BILLION in taxpayer money attached to other bills having nothing to do with foreign aid?

LIVE: Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Thomas Massie Et al on Ukraine Funding – YouTube