Cannabis: Canadians have lost $131B in investments, firm says | CTV News

Canadians who invested in cannabis companies have lost more than $131 billion, according to data collected by law firm Miller Thomson, which calculated the total losses of 183 publicly traded and licenced cannabis producers.

It’s a staggering number that if divided equally between an estimated three million active investors would equate to each losing about $43,000.

Maris says that thousands of plants are allowed to be grown at the sprawling operation using the medical marijuana licences issued to just four individuals by the federal government. He says that the cannabis in the facility is shared with medicinal users who pay only a quarter of the price to have their plants grown here instead of buying product from a licenced producer or retailer.

“I got screwed by the government 100 per cent. The number of illegal stores keeps increasing, the number of legal stores keeps decreasing. So, what was the point of all this if it’s not working?”  

Cannabis: Canadians have lost $131B in investments, firm says | CTV News