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The Most Revolutionary Act

World Premiere: Died Suddenly

Died Suddenly

Directed by Matthew Miller Skow and Nicholas Stumphanzer (2022)

Film Review

This is an engaging and well-constructed film. It’s also it’s extremely disturbing. Mainstream critics have come done hard on the suggestion that Covid vaccines are part of depopulation agenda. I disagree. After laying a strong foundation for this hypothesis, I feel the filmmakers approached it with appropriate caution.

The film’s underlying narrative is interspersed with disturbing clips of healthy young people from around the world suddenly dropping dead on camera.

It begins by looking citing actuarial life insurance statistics pointing to a 40% increase in deaths in 17-49 year olds. From here, it segues to testimonials from funeral embalmers from the US, UK and New Zealand dealing with unprecedented amyloid* clots (some as long as three feet) in roughly fourteen percent of the bodies they embalm. The film includes scenes from an autopsy involving these clots** and…

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