imetatronink”Counter-Offensive” – You Keep Using That Word – imetatronink

Now we will find out what the self-anointed Masters of Empire will do when faced with the impending loss of their dominion over the earth. Something tells me they are highly unlikely to shrug their shoulders, wax philosophical about the whole thing, gather up all their military toys, and go home. To do so would signal to all their colonies and vassals that the jig is well and truly up;

NATO will effectively cease as a meaningful and credible alliance;

the European Union as presently constituted will quickly dissolve. 

That said, I have no capacity to predict what the imperial powers-that-be will do at this pivotal moment in human history, nor can I confidently anticipate what the consequences of their actions will be. All I know is that the moment of greatest danger in all our lives is now bearing down upon us. 

At some point – likely sooner than later – those who wield the power and control the levers of empire will make a move to preserve its dominion. I am personally convinced they will fail – and abysmally so – but almost certainly not without leaving oceans of blood and mountains of ashes in their wake. 

Prepare yourselves accordingly …