NuScam’s Utah small nuclear reactor project in doubt – needs $billions of tax-payer support


Want to buy into a nuclear power project? This Utah group would like to talk.

UAMPS is still looking at small reactors in Idaho, but cost estimates are climbing and they need more partners.

After seven years, the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems is still pursuing a series of small nuclear reactors at the Idaho National Laboratory as their clean-power solution.

And, after seven years, they still need more company.

UAMPS, which has 50 members that coordinate on buying and delivering electricity, will soon be updating the 27 entities that have opted into the “Carbon-Free Power Project,” and the price is going up.

The CFPP, a partnership between UAMPS andNuScale Power,an Oregon company developing small nuclear reactors, had given the members an earlier estimate of about $58 per megawatt-hour for power from the project, which was well above what they’re currently paying for power. And now it’s looking…

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