How airbnb could make rent and housing prices crash – YouTube

In this video, I talk about the elephant in the room regarding the housing market. What is that exactly? It’s Airbnb. Airbnb has soared in popularity since it was created. Thousands of people have used it to generate a side hustle. There were always other websites but Airbnb transformed how self-catering accommodation was done. But people don’t understand how travel is affected during a recession, which is what we go over in this video.

Travel is one of the first things consumers cut back on. Right now across the US, Canada, and Mexico, we have record levels of Airbnb active listings more than before the pandemic. This makes no sense because the economy is in worse shape than it was in 2019.

But 2021 with the stimulus and government deficit spending completely distorted markets including the housing market and housing bubble.

How airbnb could make rent and housing prices crash – YouTube