How The Fifth Dimension Can Change Your Life

The fifth dimension is the dimension of spirit. It is a dimension that does not belong to time and space but to our inner being. It is where we live spiritually, where we are free from all limitations, and where we can be ourselves and express our individuality in an unlimited way.

This dimension is pure love, unconditional love for all beings on this planet and beyond. The heart knows no hate or jealousy because it knows only unconditional love for everyone and everything that lives on this planet or in the universe.

You see this as a very beautiful thing because when your mind is not busy with thoughts but simply enjoying life, you begin to see the world differently; there are no boundaries anymore between time and space because time is just an illusion, and space is also an illusion.

How The Fifth Dimension Can Change Your Life – Nov. 23, 2022 – Rose Rambles…