Xi Consolidated Absolute Power, As NATO Is Cocking Its Fist, Getting Ready For US Direct War With Russia – YouTube


NATO assumes it will ‘own’ the skies, via full spectrum dominance, and the entire battle space. So far, that has worked, but even with that, the US has lost every war it got involved in, such as Vietnam, and Afghanistan.

2022.10.23 NATO Is Cocking Its Fist – YouTube

Todd Smith The 101st is only deploying one of their three brigades combat teams. About 5000 or so troops out of 15,000. An important point to consider is that the US Army in particular is slowly hollowing out. Enlistments are way down and discharges/retirements are way up. I served from 83′ to 05′ and am out-of-the-loop so to speak but I make an effort to find out what is really going on.

Bottom line, unless Biden declares a State of Emergency which allow “Stop-loss” meaning a freeze on all discharges and retirements, along with at least a partial mobilization of Reserve/National Guard forces, the US Army in NO WAY is prepared to fight a war in Europe. A single brigade in Romania is for show, not much more.

Frankly, even with a Declaration of War, it would take many months for the US to even begin to prepare and transport a sufficient force to fight the Russians. Its a joke really, and I believe Putin knows it.

Lastly, Biden is BRAIN DEAD and there would be massive riots in the streets if the US were to go to war over Ukraine. Most of the public is utterly sick of foreign wars. Iraq and Afghanistan have the same effect now as Vietnam did in the 70s. No more war!