The Oil Price Cap Idiocy – YouTube

2022.11.05 The Oil Price Cap Idiocy – YouTube

The US government has put ‘sanctions’ on most oil producing countries that it does not like, which do not have US friendly dictators in charge, such as Russia, Syria, Iran and Venezuela, forcing them to stop exporting oil.

The sanctions put on Russia have made them RICHER, because there are so many sanctions that the US has on so many oil producing countries, that the price of oil has gone up. This got the US so MAD, that they are now trying to kneecap Russian oil prices.

The US does not want Russia to make ANY profit at all, despite Russia being part of the cartel that makes up OPEC.

Bottom line, this is a mortal battle to the death between US petrodollar, and Bric non US dollars buying or selling oil from non US sources.