DIY Natural Home Remedy for Earache/Infection—-Garlic! – YouTube

Learn how you can reduce the pain and even heal an earache or ear infection with my easy and simple home remedy. It’s an all-natural treatment that will help support the body in healing. I have used it for years and it really works! Ear Infections are generally caused by either water that gets trapped in the ear canal causing bacteria to grow leading to an infection, or it can be due to a cold, flu or allergy where swelling of your Eustachian tubes causes fluid to buildup or get trapped in the middle ear.

Ear infections can either be viral or bacterial, but viral is the most common and treatment with antibiotics is ineffective for viral infections. So I would like to offer you my go-to remedies to help you treat your ear ache at home. Thanks so much for watching! Don’t forget to give me a thumb’s up if you liked my video

DIY Natural Home Remedy for Earache/Infection—-Garlic! – YouTube