Europe Accuses U.S. Of War Profiteering Off Ukraine – YouTube

Western European nations are beginning to wake up to the fact that they’re doing much of the sacrificing for the war effort in Ukraine while the United States is reaping all the benefits in terms of natural gas sales and the export of more and more weapons as the war drags on. But with severe food and energy shortages, along with a cold winter, looming, Europeans may decide they don’t want to suffer any more to feed U.S. profiteering.

Europe Accuses U.S. Of War Profiteering Off Ukraine – YouTube

Serge Vtorushin Lol Jimmy about the Ukrainian flag. In fact the symbol on Ukrainian flag comes from Russian dynasty of Rurik which ruled Greater Rus’ in 700-1400s. Symbol symbolizes a diving falcon (this predatory bird was often used as hunting companion in in ancient times).

The US billionaires at the top of nuclear, fossil fuel and military industrial complex corporations are laughing all the way to the bank, as they destroy the EU industrial, military and energy companies, while profiting via NO BID EMERGENCY contracts, which the US provoked by not breaking the Minsk agreements.

There is NO PROFIT in ending the Ukraine way, so these poor people have to keep on dying for US WAR MONGERING, WAR PROFITEERING PROFITS.