It Seems Russia Won’t Require a Winter Offensive to Win the War |

Moon of Alabama has proven to be a reliable source of reporting on the conflict in Ukraine.  The posting of November 23 indicates that some part of the Russian government or military has finally realized that Russia is at war.  You can read the account here: 

the Western peoples have a totally false picture of the situation.  Russia could destroy Ukraine in a day without using nuclear weapons.  The Kremlin’s restraint–in my view a strategic blunder as it enabled the West to get involved and widen the war–in Ukraine has a number of legitimate reasons. Ukraine and the population there have been a part of Russia for centuries.  There is much intermarriage. Most Ukrainians are not favorable to the neo-Nazis who have dominated Ukraine since the US overthrew the government in 2014 and have suffered at their hands.  The Kremlin doesn’t want a poverty-stricken ruin of a country on its border, and the Kremlin doesn’t want the responsibility for rebuilding Ukraine’s infrastructure.

From Washington’s standpoint, the more Ukraine is destroyed the better.  If Putin finally abandons his half-way measures and gets down to real war, the war will soon be over.  If Washington can prevent Zelensky from surrendering until Ukraine is destroyed, Washington gets the benefit of the economic and financial drain on Russia that rebuilding will impose.  From Washington’s standpoint, the more problems for Russia the better regardless of the cost to Ukrainians.

paulcraigroberts It Seems Russia Won’t Require a Winter Offensive to Win the War |