Poland expands cemeteries to bury mercenaries killed in Ukraine


The municipality of Olsztyn in Poland needs to expand the municipal cemetery in Dywity because of the large number of Poles killed in the Ukrainian war. It has come up with the brilliant idea of doing it in the purest gringo style: creating a gigantic necropolis or mass grave sealed with geometric tombstones, the same for all the deceased.

It is the best way to collectivise the mourning, but it clashes with Polish customs. Each family wants to have their loved ones in a unique grave, different from the others. That’s why the social networks have erupted in protests. It will be like in Hollywood movies: no trees, no benches, no guardian angels leaning over the marble. Where to put the flowers and candles?

Poland mourns not the growing number of dead mercenaries, but the graves that will house them. In Olsztyn the funerals are almost daily because it was…

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