The Eviction Crisis Is Aiding the GOP’s Voter Suppression Schemes – Truthout

Eviction can also mean disenfranchisement at the ballot box.

“The forced displacement of people makes it harder for them to vote,” Chapnik said. “If you are evicted, you can lose documents that are basically necessary to register to vote in a new place.”

Aguilera agrees. “Not all states that have voter ID rules require … their driver’s license to be up to date,” she said. “But you still have to be able to show something that indicates your current address.” For people with secure housing, utility bills and bank statements with the correct address are easy to come by. For someone with housing insecurity — couch surfing, living with a friend or family member, or out on the streets — this documentation may not exist.

The chaos of eviction makes it difficult to hang onto anything, including identification documents. “Sometimes [evicted tenants] have their stuff thrown out on the street,” Aguilera pointed out. “If your stuff is thrown out or misplaced in the shuffle, you have to pay to get your birth certificate and other proof of identity.”

“Same-day registration is an important policy that has ensured that people who move are not disenfranchised,” Aguilera says. “We would love to see same day registration enacted in every jurisdiction.” Multiple methods of voting, like allowing for no-excuse mail voting and early voting, are also important.

The Eviction Crisis Is Aiding the GOP’s Voter Suppression Schemes – Truthout