Home Energy Storage on a Roll

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

This week’s news about terrorist grid attacks around the country probably accelerated a trend that’s been building for a while.

You may have noticed, home energy storage units are increasing in capabilities in a similar way to what we have seen in hard drive storage, or processor speed.

It’s evidence of how rapidly battery technology is improving.
As we move into foul weather season, a lot of people think about some kind of emergency power – I’ve got a generator in the garage, but frankly, I hope I never have to use it – it’s very difficult to start, and moving it around is a big challenge, very heavy.

I’ve been watching the rise of a number of brands turning out these portable power stations that are gradually becoming more affordable, and could get you thru a moderate blackout with at least basic functions, like keeping a refrigerator or freezer…

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