This is our BIGGEST WEAKNESS… 🙈 It’s so obvious now but most people DON’T SEE IT! 👀 – YouTube

Are you ready for a major red pill? 🤯 I’m going to show you the 12 step plan that the controllers of this planet have been unfolding on this planet for OVER 100 YEARS to transition us into an A.I. lifeform.

Remove men from the family, by sending them away from the family

Remove the children to compulsory propaganda indoctrination in schools

Remove infants from women, by mandating canned milk instead of breast milk

Destroy family bonds and love connections by forcing women to work

Mandate both parents work and keep parents away from home as much as possible

Tell women that being a mother at home is stupid and worthless

Use schools to babysit, along with daycare, to keep them busy and away from HOME and separate from their parents

Get kids to hate parents and get parents to see kids as pain in the neck, because they get in the way of working

Put parents into government run homes instead of caring for them at home

Tell kids that it is ‘cool’ to go to college far away from home and parents, and best is across the ocean, because farther away is better

Parents need to cough up lots of money to pay for college ‘scientism’ indoctrination, but not have any input, oversight, or control, especially with courses that take ten years to complete, like medicine, pharmacy, etc.

Indoctrinate everyone to go to school until they get an advanced degree, go into debt for it, then have kids, and repeat this cycle, endlessly.

Hook everyone into TV, Internet and movies, plus lots of ‘games’, which ‘programs’ everyone to believe certain things, while demonizing all other points of view, beliefs or ways of thinking.

Push maximum stress, and when people crack, use Big Pharma drugs and ‘treatment’ to address the dis-eases caused by the Matrix.

Once the AI programming is installed mentally, offer portable communications systems, smart phones, along with emails and texts to break or remove the human connection. This creates ‘addicts’ for AI technology

Build up entire planetary system, so that the only communication possible is via AI, smart systems.

Create social media online so that real human contact is removed. Humanity is removed, and AI is installed into consciousness while increasing addiction to AI

All of these systems enhance control by a few ‘masters’ of the slave system

The final step into MATRIX time to get people connected by AI to the ‘cloud’ and remove all remaining human bonds, by also removing all normal spirituality, human sexuality and normal human sexual functions, while killing human creativity, love, and emotional connections

No one can know that humans are infinite creators who are evolving

This is our BIGGEST WEAKNESS… 🙈 It’s so obvious now but most people DON’T SEE IT! 👀 – YouTube