A Hair Trigger On Endgame Nuclear Holocaust – Centre for Research on Globalization

We are now on the brink of a nuclear holocaust.  One false warning of nuclear attack, believed to be true, could cause Russia to launch a full-scale nuclear attack against the US and Europe.

False warning signals indicating incoming nuclear weapons have happened before, but were discounted because a sufficient level of mutual trust had been achieved.

Now, with two decades of reckless provocations against Russia, with missile bases being constructed on Russia’s borders in Poland and Romania, with US/NATO fully committed to defeating Russia in Ukraine, and with massive anti-Russian propaganda in place of diplomatic negotiation, trust has been destroyed.

The expressed willingness of Finland, Sweden, Poland, and Romania to accept US nuclear weapons in their countries, together with the ability of the US to launch against Russia from the Black and Baltic seas, greatly heightens anxiety in Russia.  Unlike the Cold War period, in the 21st century Washington has worked overtime to destroy all trust.  Consequently, one more false warning is all it takes to exterminate mankind.

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