Are the bombs are back in town? US atomic weapons in Britain would make nuclear war more likely


Are the bombs are back in town? — Beyond Nuclear International

Is the US about to station nuclear weapons in Britain again or are they already here?

From Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND UK) h

Editor’s Note: A mass demonstration organized by CND was held at Lakenheath, Suffolk, United Kingdom on November 19. “It’s extraordinary that a foreign power can place weapons of mass destruction on our soil with no oversight from our elected representatives,” said Sue Wright from Norwich CND (Norwich is 40 miles from the base). For more background, see ourMay 15, 2022 articleby CND General Secretary, Kate Hudson, CND’sspecial pageon the Lakenheath campaign, andthis articleby Hans Kristensen for Federation of American Scientists.

Beyond Nuclear, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Peace Action and Nuclear Resister, sent ajoint statement of solidaritythat was read out at the November 19…

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