Artificial Sweetener Aspartame Linked to Anxiety: Study

Chemical Free Life

Researchers conducting scientific animal studies have now linked the synthetic sweetener Aspartame to anxiety. In addition to producing anxiety in the mice who consumed aspartame, the anxiety effects extended up to two generations from the males exposed to the sweetener.

The takeaway for scientists: Aspartame exposure produces changes in the expression of genes regulating excitation-inhibition balance in the amygdala, a brain region that regulates anxiety and fear. The researchers found that mice consuming aspartame in drinking water at a dose equivalent to approximately 15% of the FDA-approved maximum DIV for humans showed robust, dose-dependent anxiety. Extrapolation of the findings to humans suggests that aspartame consumption at doses below the FDA recommended maximum daily intake may produce neuro-behavioral changes not only in aspartame-consuming individuals, but also in their descendants. Thus, human population at risk of aspartame’s potential mental health effects may be larger than current expectations, which only…

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