Award Winning Film: “Radioactive: The Women of Three Mile Island” featured on Nuclear Hotseat


RADIOACTIVE: The Women of Three Mile Island – New Film by Heidi Hutner Premieres

New film by Heidi Hutner has world premiere: RADIOACTIVE: The Women of Three Mile Island

This Week’s Special Feature:

  • It’s hard to get the full picture of what nuclear is and what it does across to the general public. Disconnected news stories, nuclear industry full-press spin, ADHD news cycles and the public’s general lack of memory obscures the horrible truth about what happens when a nuclear reactor goes off the rails.

    Thus it is cause for celebration when a full length documentary appears that tells the nuclear story clearly, completely, with human focus and all the compelling arguments in place. That’s the case with the new filmRADIOACTIVE: The Women of Three Mile Island. Produced and directed byecofeminism…

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