Merkel admits U.S. and NATO Prepared War in Ukraine from 2014, Peace Process a Charade, USA found Guilty

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It is becoming irrefutably clear that the United States and its NATO partners have been planning for many years for the current war in the Ukraine against Russia. That fact makes the prospects for peace all the more elusive. How to negotiate with a mindset that is so deeply invested and ingrained with belligerence?

Scott Ritter /Merkel bombshell /Minsk Deception / France and Germany owe ‘Genocide Compensation’ …. via thefreeonline

As Merkel’s comments reveal, the war mentality in the West against Russia has been extant for over a decade if not longer.

Western governments and media accuse Russia of “unprovoked aggression” against Ukraine and are clamoring for Moscow to hand over eye-watering financial compensation as well as face war crimes prosecutions.

The bitter irony is that the war in Ukraine, which is dangerously escalating and could spiral into a nuclear cataclysm, was sown by the United States and…

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