My bible on the C-19 mass vaccination experiment

My analysis unambiguously proves that the mass vaccination experiment has been responsible for selecting and promoting dominant propagation of Omicron in highly vaccinated populations. Whereas ‘original antigenic sin’ has been expediting immune escape during the pre-Omicron phase of the pandemic in countries with increasing vaccine coverage rates, a combination of ‘original antigenic sin’ with   ‘steric immune refocusing’ (SIR) has been the key driver of the spectacular evolutionary dynamics of this pandemic during the Omicron phase

(1) During natural infection, viral protein expressed at the surface of virus-infected cells cannot prime an immune response because the virus (but not mRNA-based vaccines!) synthesizes peptides that prevent antigen presentation at an early stage of infection. Hence, no CD4+ T helper cells are induced. In the absence of helper T cells, the cell surface-expressed protein cannot prime an immune response. 

(2) Diminished PNNAb-mediated inhibition of viral trans infectiousness leads to increased PNNAb-mediated immune pressure on viral trans infectiousness and therefore on viral virulence

voiceforscienceandsolidarity.substack My bible on the C-19 mass vaccination experiment