Russia finally sealing off Bakhmut in Donetsk as Ukraine orders garrison to Resist to the End

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As the assault on Artemovsk (Bakhmut) continues, rather than attempting to steamroll Ukrainian defenses in the town, Russian forces are now encircling the area, effectively cutting the it off from resupply and reinforcements from the rest of the Ukraine. This article will look at why Russia is choosing to do this and the potential consequences of following a plan such as this.

Monday, 12 Dec2022 — The van says…The New Dark Age via thefreeonline

Vulnerable Fled As Russians Encircled Ukraine Town

The Heat of the Artemovsk Cauldron

In Hot Water

The situation in Artemovsk was covered inthis article, and since this was published, the plight of Ukrainian assets in the town has continued to get worse. Just as Hitler did during the Second World War, Zelenskiy ordered that there be no Ukrainian retreat from the town, this meaning that there is no solution to a hopeless situation for…

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