Archangel Gabriel; The Value Of Barricades Or Walls

Dear Ones, any barricade that exists is there not to frustrate you, but as a means of redirection or to simply say, “Not right now.” When you are grounded deeply in your faith and trust, you accept that every phase serves you in some way, which allows you to settle into receiving the benefits that are there for you right where you are. By staying out of resistance you are poised to move with whatever the energies are supporting which makes your flow far more efficient and comfortable for you. You will always get to where you are meant to go, it is up to your how much angst you experience along the way. We highly recommend you choose the path of acceptance, presence, and wonder, for there is beauty to be found in all of it. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Daily Message ~ Thursday December 15, 2022 – Trinity Esoterics