According to Twitter, Twitter’s algorithm favours conservatives | The Economist

Its data shows a bias aiding unreliable media, regardless of ideology, and right-wing political parties

According to Twitter, Twitter’s algorithm favours conservatives | The Economist

If the above is true, then a huge amount of gaslighting is going on right now.. One clue? Privatizing a formerly public organization is an extreme right wing conservative way of taking control of the levers of power, control and instituting fascism…

Fascism is defined as marriage of government plus huge PRIVATE FOR PROFIT corporations, both of which are controlled by a few billionaires at the top, often in secret and behind closed doors.

A few PROFIT at any cost billionaire fascism promoting individuals are in control of mass media, education, government agencies, public health agencies and most politicians. They work behind the scenes on both left, right and center, to slant everything and control everyone, no matter what.

Absolute power is absolutely corrupting, and that is the system we are living in today, no matter what country or party we ‘favor’.