Managing the Ukraine Denial, Mass Psychosis Narrative — Der Friedensstifter

certain “primitive psychological mechanisms” which needed to be present for a distributed narrative to evolve into an insidious ‘mass formation’ that  destroys  an individual’s ethical self-awareness and robs them of their ability to think critically.

The primary condition was for there to be a segment of the population lacking community bonds or meaning in their lives, and being further afflicted by ‘free-floating anxiety and discontent’, which leans towards aggressivity (ie by generalized feelings that ‘the system’ and economy are ‘rigged’ unfairly, against them).

Essentially then, mass movements attract people because they seem to offer hope to forlorn and dysfunctional beings.

Into this mental state, a narrative can be ‘dissolved’, suggesting a particular cause to the free-floating anxiety – and a means to deal with it (ie such as ‘Russia threatens our global advantage, our identity and values, and were it to be destroyed, the old system and values ​​will right itself’).

Managing the Ukraine Denial Narrative — Der Friedensstifter