New Arctic Feedback is Draining, Drying Lakes

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Above: A lake in northwest Alaska that drained in the summer of 2018. Photo by David Swanson, National Park Service.

Whoops, I missed this one when it came out in August.
Climate change once again shown to be counter-intuitive. Arctic lakes that should be multiplying are disappearing.
Unappreciated impact of permafrost breakdown.

Nature Climate Change:

Lakes constitute 20–40% of Arctic lowlands, the largest surface water fraction of any terrestrial biome. These lakes provide crucial habitat for wildlife, supply water for remote Arctic communities and play an important role in carbon cycling and the regional energy balance. Recent evidence suggests that climate change is shifting these systems towards long-term wetting (lake formation or expansion) or drying. The net direction and cause of these shifts, however, are not well understood. Here, we present evidence for large-scale drying across lake-rich regions of the Arctic over the past two decades (2000–2021), a trend that is…

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