Media hype about nuclear fusion is designed to make research on thermonuclear weapons look acceptable


Gordon Edwards, 26 Dec 22, The recent worldwide media hype about fusion energy saving the world by providing clean energy in the foreseeable future, based on a single 85 nanosecond burst of fusion heat triggered by a battery of 192 lasers focussed on a peppercorn-sized pellet at a US weapons laboratory, is extraordinarily unbalanced and deceptive reporting. I believe it to be fundamentally fraudulent, and quitecontrary to the Pugwash movement’s commitment to promoting scientific, evidence-based policymaking.

The distortion of truth on this topic is designed to make research on thermonuclear weapons more acceptable to the public and to elected representatives. It will have no near-term applications that will be of any use in tackling climate change. To assert the contrary is naive at best, or manipulative anddishonest at worst.

A balanced debate is not achievable when one side of the debate is so unbalanced to begin with. It is…

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