Douglas Macgregor – Ukraine begs US for Anti Air Missile System, Russia Getting Sledge Hammer Ready – YouTube

Zelensky begged for the US Patriot air defense system consisting of fancy, expensive US anti missile systems.

NATO sees no problems with firing two 3 million dollar Patriot missiles at just one 20,000 dollar Russian drone. Russia does not send just one drone.. They send a swarm of drones to overwhelm any air defense system, including the Patriot system. How many hundreds of very expensive Patriot missiles can be used up against just one swarm of cheap drones?

In Bahkmut, about Ukrainian 8 to 10 soldiers are being lost for every 1 Russian soldier being lost. There is no way Ukraine can keep this up. They are losing in every way possible.

There will be a point in time, within 90 days, Russian forces will have overwhelmed and decimated Ukraine military forces and infrastructure.

Foreign mercenaries are being thrown into the Ukraine cauldron and are then lost as well. A Private contractor group, named Mozart, is pulling out because they took a beating in Ukraine. There is a real market out there for private contractors, financed by US tax dollars. It is a very popular thing to do, but those doing it should lose their citizenship if fighting for another nation.

There are many organizations that are used to ‘launder’ the money to finance private armies. It is hard to trace the cash, but at this point, all of it is coming from the US, including weapons, benefits, private soldier contractors and piles of cash.

A major Russian offensive is all about timing. The last count was 540,000 Russian troops have been assembled, which bears no relationship to the Russians forces present in Ukraine back in February of 2022. They are ready to go. They will cut Poland off from Ukraine. They will destroy what remains of Ukrainian forces, via encirclement. 190,000 troops that remain in Ukraine will be wiped out.

Zelensky will be removed. Russians know that they have to drop a sledge hammer, after they found out the Minsk Agreement was nothing but a fraudulent stall tactic. No US or EU politician can be trusted because they all lied to Russia, so who is left that Russia can negotiate for peace with?

(3) Douglas Macgregor – Ukrainian Forces are Fighting Tenaciously – YouTube