Zelensky appoints sexologist pyramid schemer as ambassador to Bulgaria

The appointment of Ilashchuk has arrived at a momentous time in relations between Bulgaria and Ukraine. Until early December, Bulgaria was among the the lone EU hold-outs refusing to send arms to Ukraine. (The country’s socialist party had blocked a measure to ship weapons in May).

During President Zelensky’s nationally televised visits to the White House and Congress on December 21, he characterized American military aid to his country as an “investment” in “democracy.” Two days later, with his appointment of Ilashchuk as ambassador to a key European ally, Zelensky is demonstrating to the world just how meritocratic his country’s political system can be.

In what other nation can a comedian-turned-president appoint a sexologist pyramid schemer as a high-ranking diplomat? Perhaps the same one where Hunter Biden was handsomely compensated for his oil and gas expertise.

Zelensky appoints sexologist pyramid schemer as ambassador to Bulgaria – The Grayzone