Col Macgregor: Where Did 115 Billion Dollars Disappear To? Ukraine Will CEASE TO EXIST, Due To Massive Losses – YouTube

Biden claimed; “We will support Ukraine as long as it is there”

The problem is that it will not be there much longer.

The US is not prepared to fight a war with US troops in that area against Russia. Russia is ready, able and willing to fight a war in Ukraine, against NATO, whether Poles, Romanians, etc..

Col Macgregor: Ukraine Will CEASE TO EXIST – YouTube

Joshua Paul The sooner Ukraine signs unconditional surrender the better. The war is lost by Ukraine anyway. Half of Ukraine has a blackout. Ukraine already lost most trained and motivated soldiers along with almost all hardware it had before the war . Its army is a shadow of its former self at the beginning of the war. It accounts for catastrophic increase in military casualties along with inadequate erratic Zelenskyy and his nutty tactic of constantly throwing poorly trained (most don’t have any training whatsoever; lucky ones have 5-week training at best. So poor fellows are just half-baked cannon fodder) Ukrainian reserves into a meat grinder and holding on to disadvantageous positions until it’s too late. Zelensky banned marking of soldiers’ graves with Ukrainian flags (many bodies are deliberately left where they perished without a burial , it helps Zelenskyy not to pay even a meagre compensation to the families of the “missed in action” ). Endless forests of flags at cemeteries across Ukraine proved to be too scary and demoralizing for those still desperately trying to escape forced conscription and bribe their way out of Zelenskyy dictatorship. Mass summary executions for attempted surrender or unauthorized retreat just cause further demoralization and despair. Bakhmut is just the last instance of this insane tactic. Hitler’s Germany also refused to admit defeat until Hitler killed himself. Then Keitel signed unconditional surrender.