The Unity Consciousness – New Human New Earth Communities

A fundamental schism occurred when individual consciousness was split off from universal consciousness, even though each one of us remains attached to universal consciousness, much as a grape remains attached to the vine, or a leaf to the tree. 

Do we contribute the energy of love or hate? This is a choice that we are unconsciously making every day. As this is largely an unconscious choice, we often feel that we are on a runaway train, not in control of the situation, when in fact we are both the train and the conductor. 

Even worse, we are being manipulated to produce the kind of hate-filled and sad and angry and fearful energy that energy parasites feed upon. 

We are living, literally, in a prison cell of our own making. Our consciousness is crippled by the questions we fail to ask.  Our world is polluted and miserable because our energy is misdirected and veiled. 

The Unity Consciousness – New Human New Earth Communities