FEAR FACTOR: 3 Questions You’re Not Supposed To Ask About Life In A Sick Society – By Dylan Charles


Source – wakingtimes.com

  • “…The most effective prisons are not material, but are constructed inside the mind. Perception, opinion and understanding are all dynamic concepts, not at all static. These can all change in the blink of an eye just because a new idea or experience resonates with you in a special way. Our evolution depends on our ability to expand the frontiers of what’s possible, and when the mind is held in confinement by an entrenched system and powerful cultural paradigm, progress, even happiness, is stunted”

3 Questions You’re Not Supposed to Ask About Life in a Sick Society

Dylan Charles

Editor’s Note: I penned this article 4 years ago under the pseudonym Sigmund Fraud. The questions posed are more important and more relevant than they were back then, and the stakes are much higher. Fundamentally they are all questions about control.

In a society this controlling, it’s no wonder…

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