Letter in the Morning Star Exposes Links Between Subsea Coal Mine and Subsea Nuclear Dumping

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

The following message has come from peace campaigner Rae Street:

The UK Morning Star published this letter on 31st December

All the best for a peaceful New year to everyone and looking towards a nuclear free future,


Dear Editor,

In response to your recent correspondents, I would say that the proposed coal mine in Cumbria shows that the government is not serious about tackling the climate crisis. Yes, it would provide jobs in the area but a much better answer is to provide jobs in the infrastructure for genuine sustainable energy such as wind turbines and solar panels – according to the Local Government Association that could create 6,000 ‘green’ jobs in Cumbria by 2030. Alok Sharma, who led the UN Conference on Climate Change in Glasgow said:

*85% of coal produced is for export

*Two major UK steel producers have said they won’t use this coal as…

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