Venezuela votes out US-backed opposition leader

The Most Revolutionary Act

Venezuela votes out US-backed opposition leader
FILE PHOTO: Venezuelan opposition figure Juan Guaido speaks during an event in Caracas, Venezuela, September 16, 2022. ©  AP / Ariana Cubillos
Juan Guaido led at least one failed attempt to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro and received vocal support from Washington

Opposition lawmakers in Venezuela have voted to dissolve the ‘interim government’ formed under their one-time leader, Juan Guaido, a main rival to the country’s ruling socialist party and once a darling of the US foreign policy establishment.

Holding their vote over a Zoom call, the opposition-controlled National Assembly moved to reorganize their movement on Friday, with 72 lawmakers voting in favor of disbanding the legislature compared to just 29 opposed. Guaido’s term at the head of the assembly, as well as his ‘interim presidency’ declared in 2019 with the blessing of the US, are now set to end on January 5.

“Venezuela needs new machinery in this struggle,”

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