Can CCE help Colorado towns hit 100% renewable energy faster?

Community choice electric, or CCE, is a concept pioneered in 1999. Xcel Energy says it’s a solution to a carbon problem that is already on its way to being solved.

In other states CCE programs have been used as a tool to promote a quicker transition to clean energy and in some cases have lowered residential electricity costs 15% to 20%, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The first CCE program went into operation in Massachusetts in 1999. There are now 150 CCE programs in the state, including one in Boston.

The approach became high profile when California adopted a law enabling CCE and the first program — MCE — started in Marin County in 2010. It now serves 1 million customers across four Northern California counties, according to the company.

MCE customers have the option of getting 60% of their electricity from green sources or for a premium getting 100% of their energy from renewables.

coloradosun Can CCE help Colorado towns hit 100% renewable energy faster?