COVER-UP: ‘Damar Hamlin’, What You’re Not Allowed To Say – By Tom Woods


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  • “…All the respectable people are telling them it’s wildly inappropriate to speculate like that while a man’s life hangs in the balance. I don’t buy that. The way I think of it is: we’ve seen a lot of these incidents, nobody is being honest with us about them, and we obviously can’t trust the medical establishment, so we have no choice to talk openly among ourselves. Dr. Peter McCullough pointed out in a recent paper that since the shots were deployed, 1598 athletes have suffered cardiac arrest, with 1101 of them dying. In order to find 1101 similar athlete deaths he has to examine a 38-year period”

Damar Hamlin: What You’re Not Allowed To Say

By Tom Woods

I’m writing to you today from the U.S. Virgin Islands — St. John, to be precise, where I’ve spent time for three Januarys in a row.

Surveying Twitter this…

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