8 Wars the United States Should Never Have Fought | The National Interest

A study of the outcome of major wars fought over the past 125 years strongly suggests that U.S. military involvement in these conflicts has resulted in tragic and unforeseen consequences. Not only has U.S. involvement led to millions of unnecessary deaths but it has also served to create new enemies, thus making the U.S. much less safe and secure. Here is a list of major wars, that in retrospect, the United States never should have fought in order to produce a far more successful outcome from the standpoint of U.S. national security:

Many historians have concluded that it is quite unlikely that Spain was responsible for sinking the battleship USS Maine, which served as the catalyst for the U.S. declaration of war against Spain. U.S. involvement in this war transformed it into a colonial empire as it took control of the Philippines and fought a three-year-long war with Filipino nationalists that cost the lives of 220,000 Filipinos. It also resulted in U.S. military forces being stationed outside the Western Hemisphere for the first time in U.S. history—making an unnecessary conflict with Japan much more likely.

Had the United States employed a more realist foreign policy to avoid fighting unnecessary conflicts, the long-term adverse outcomes of these wars could have been averted and the number of adversaries that threaten U.S. national security greatly diminished. In addition, the implementation of such a policy would have likely served to prevent some wars from occurring altogether, saving tens of millions of lives. U.S. and NATO wars of aggression against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, and Libya undoubtedly served to belie NATO’s claims that it is a purely defensive alliance with no offensive aims. Further, without the eastward expansion of NATO and the alliance’s bombing of Yugoslavia, it is very possible that this new Cold War with Russia and their subsequent invasion of Ukraine in 2022 would never have materialized. This would have particularly been the case if the United States and NATO had found a way to include Russia in some kind of mutual security arrangement to better integrate it into Europe and the West.

8 Wars the United States Should Never Have Fought | The National Interest