Count down to the Mass Hysteria of the Vaccinated

How will we get from bowls of red pills to red pills swallowed, to completely awakened individuals, and then finally to mass hysteria?  And when I say mass hysteria, I mean individuals or groups completely losing their minds, and acting irrationally or violently when reality smacks them in the face.  Just imagine quickly going from being a mask-wearing vaccines-will-save-us true believer to realizing that your entire family is going to die horribly because you believed the government and everyone you trusted had lied to you? These people are going to lose their minds. Many of the events below may happen in the future as this macabre drama unfolds.1

First and foremost, we must remember that most (not all) of the vaccinated are members of the Cult of Covid.

10  They are immersed in a mass psychosis created by the totalitarians to gain control of the planet.  They have gradually been brought to the point where they have willingly relinquished control of their own lives for the safety provided by masks, restrictions, and vaccinations.  Their personal safety is tied to the fear created by the mass psychosis.  This is why the totalitarians must keep the fear alive.  Without the fear factor, the need for safety disappears.  When the need for safety disappears, the need and reasons for control disappears. 

Disappearing fear →  Less need for safety  →  Seeing the unvaccinated thrive  →  See safety protocols challenged or eliminated   →  Question the need for safety protocols  →  Question the need for control over their lives

lawrencebutts.substack Count down to the Mass Hysteria of the Vaccinated