Douglas Macgregor – A 600,000 Man Army, Created For Only One Purpose – YouTube

Zelensky has recently stated in public a goal of becoming a nuclear state, with the stated goal of destroying Russia, inside of NATO. Many nations support giving Ukraine NATO status.

NATO members get access to nuclear missiles, bombs and technology that can strike targets thousands of miles away.

Vietnam was based on a lie, in the Tonkin Gulf incident. But the mass media fomented a war in Vietnam, but now we discover that the entire thing was a huge scam.

In Iraq, Saddam was demonized as a Hitler, and we were going in to export freedom and democracy, which was all a bogus scam.

The US enabled, supported and built up a 600K army with one stated purpose; to destroy Russia, along with lots of lies.

No one is asking the hard questions.. Is this the first step to the destruction of everyone who disagrees with the US, in the entire world?

We are talking about a financial system that is cracking, based on the might petrodollar, which is crumbling. The world is realizing that their freedom and sovereignty depends on moving away from the dollar. The US is threatening and attacking any nation which moves away from the petrodollar.

We moved away from a gold standard to a military industrial money standard, based on getting rich, and stuffing your pockets full of cash, with never ending wars. There are lots of people who will make you rich, if you do what they want.

Why is the US supporting Ukraine when they are ‘winning’ since the beginning of this war? Why keep sending weapons and money, when a Minsk Agreement was available and ready for signing by Russia and Ukraine before this war ever started?

There is a nightmare scenario where Ukraine will be invaded from the North via allies of Russia.

Russia has decided it is now in a full fledged world war with NATO, and fully mobilize. There is no rebellion brewing in Russia.

Ukraine has become a Stalinist dictatorship with a secret police that takes out anyone who disagrees with Zelensky.

The Russian military leader has been ordered to bring this war to a close. He is going in and getting the job done.

The US keeps on talking about nuclear weapons and wiping out Russia.. Is Europe really willing to go to war directly with Russia, via NATO?

Many people are angry with NATO and these exploitations of Europe, and it is only a matter of time before all of these warmongers are going to be replaced.

Kissinger said we had started this Ukraine war because we did not listen to Russia and come to some peaceful agreement.

Douglas Macgregor – 600,000 Man with One Purpose – YouTube