Putin’s Russia and China’s New World Order Not Allowed; US Neocons and Neoliberals Total War Against Russia Begins | Redacted w Clayton Morris – YouTube


The Ukraine economy is in shambles

Millions of people have fled the country

The farming and mining industries are much reduced in Ukraine

But somehow this is what ‘winning’ looks like

The Ukraine army has been destroyed, so according to Neocons and Neoliberals, NATO now needs to step in and go directly to war with Russia, in order to take back the mines and farmland now in Russian hands, which means the US and EU have to put boots on the ground in Ukraine.

Many countries are reducing dependence on the US dollar by buying gold and silver

The Kansas Fed said higher interest rates are locked in at over 5 percent on a federal level.

Artificial low interest rates are gone and free loans are gone.

Larry Summers said lots of people need to be fired, to ‘fix’ the economy

It BEGINS! This is how Putin and China’s New World order unfolds in 2023 | Redacted w Clayton Morris – YouTube