Russia’s Big Arrow Winter Offensive In Ukraine Looms

Russia’s Big Arrow Winter Offensive Looms

Wagner with 40,000 men is currently the only force attacking Soledad, and no Russian troops are involved. The Russian military is getting ready to start within a month, with a big offensive, with 500,000 troops total directed by Gasimov, who now has total and complete control over all branches of military and police.

Russia has a 9 to 1 artillery advantage in Ukraine, as well as a huge advantage in troop numbers.

Russia is not primarily concerned with territory while Kiev is.

There has been a huge route in Soledar, and the town is now encircled, although some Kiev troops remain inside.

Prediction; Ukraine defense lines in this area will collapse, via a huge hammer offensive that is coming soon.

This is a huge pivot point in the offensive, which was triggered by the US led CIA coup of Ukraine in 2014.

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