Archangel Gabriel; Open Hearted Discovery

We understand that the unknown can seem scary to you but that’s only because you’ve been conditioned to distrust the unknown by those who, for whatever reason, had not yet stepped into their own authentic power and couldn’t see themselves as empowered co-creators. Because they were having an experience of being disempowered, they were always on the lookout for what was wrong and what might be a threat to them and they thought they were doing the right thing teaching you to approach the unknown in the same way.

Your open-heartedness will always set you on far more satisfying paths of discovery than your distrust and trepidation ever could. Just as you never have to be afraid of opening a package that arrives on your doorstep because you know exactly what you ordered, you don’t have to fear your future if you know you are choosing to co-create it by playing in energies that only bring you somewhere better. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 18, 2023 – Trinity Esoterics