Scott Ritter: We are on the cusp of thermonuclear war … the only chance for global survival is for #NATO to go gracefully

Today we don’t talk. There isn’t a negotiation. We are in the midst of heightening tensions.

There is no diplomatic exchange between Russia and the US today.

The US Russian ambassador sits in a gilded cage and is not allowed to say or do anything, in Russia.

When it comes to nuclear issues, the Dept Of Defense reigns supreme, and the State Dept has no say whatsoever.

The two largest nuclear arsenals are in the hands of the military, and there is no effort to diminish them. Both militaries are responsible for modernizing them and making them more useable, (via a FIRST STRIKE, FIRST USE policy on the US side.

If the US ever initiated something nuclear, the Russian retaliation will be so devastating that the US will still be thinking they are winning until they disappear, and lose completely/utterly.

The nuclear TRIAD will not work and do not intimidate the Russians, who are not worried about it.

The previous nuclear weapons negotiators had been at it for a long time, through a lot of other arms control treaties, and work through impossible issues, and find a mutually satisfying result. The US has nullified and/or cancelled all of the nuclear treaties.

Why would Russia sit down and negotiate with the US, EU, or UK, as they have been found to be liars, and not to be trusted. Treaties mean nothing to the UN, US, UK or EU.

There will be no negotiated settlement but I hope I am wrong. Russia will not negotiate with anyone at this point, other than sign the paper or die, in a defeated NATO. All of their weapons will be destroyed to ensure Russian security.

Russia has an existential reason to win this war, but no one else does. Is NATO willing to go gently into the night or rage against the dying light?

If NATO refuses the gentle option, there will be no future or global survival. This will not happen via negotiation. Russia will not longer entertain negotiation. The only way out is via the battle field. The world will not live through 2023 on the current path if NATO does not back off.

PROVE ME WRONG.. If you can flip the script, more power to you. I have given up. I do not see any hope any more.