WEF Davos – The New Sodom and Gomorrah? Centre for Research on Globalization

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has reached a new climax. It apparently has become a hub for high-flier and high-priced prostitution, pardon, “Escort Services”. Like never before. This is amply covered by the international media. With exception of a few, the major Swiss media remain silent. Why? 

Why is Switzerland still hosting this new Sodom and Gomorrah? Politely called the Chaos of Davos? The citizens of Davos dislike the WEF meeting ever more vehemently. It destroys not just their tranquility, but also their winter sport pleasure and business. Tourists stay away.

They do not want to be confronted with up to 5000 – or more – police and military. “For security” of course. Looking down a gun-barrel at every street corner is not pleasant.

Democratically speaking, President Putin should have also been invited to present his truth. He was not invited. With his presence, the WEF could have created a platform for peace. The WEF, true to its mission statement – “committed to improving the state of the world” – could have sponsored peace negotiations.

Instead, Schwab and his invited top political honchos facilitated more weapons, more killing machines, being shipped to Ukraine – so this dystopian government supported by a dystopian US / EU leadership – without any strategy to end the war, keep giving the most corrupt country in Europe, unconditional war assistance, sending endlessly without any criteria of “end-in-sight”, canons, tanks, and missiles, keep encouraging Zelenskyy to fight to the end, to the last Ukrainian, so to speak.

Thereby, doesn’t Schwab and all the other EU / NATO / US weapons deliverers become murderers by association; and shouldn’t they be arrested immediately and put on trial?

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