Douglas Macgregor – Is US Ready For A Direct War With A Nuclear Armed Country? – YouTube

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Thomas Martin I am 87 years old and have seen the veterans of WWI, WWII, Vietnam, etc, the results of broken spirits, suicides, families losing sons, brothers. fathers, husbands, and other loved ones.

After WWII most of the government was made up of veterans and they had no desire for more war. At that time it was compulsory military service, so all had the opportunity to participate.

Today we have the voluntary military which leads to only the lower level of incomes go hoping to survive for education. This means that elites do not experience the war only the middle class and lower, since there is no requirement for all to serve..

I had a brother that survived the Battle of The Bulge and saw the results being a lifetime of depression and warped thinking. All of the politicians and bureaucrats that have not served should be gone.

The general public is so ignorant that they treat war like an athletic event. Support Our Troops, but no one says question the politicians and say no..”