Vaccination Crimes – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

You may have wondered why we are now – since mid-December 2022, following three years of COVID hysteria, compulsory vaccination, school closures, paralysis of public life, and restriction of fundamental rights – witnessing previously unimaginable changes:

  • The WHO suddenly declares the imminent end of the global pandemic.
  • The German government ends funding for vaccination centers.
  • Vaccination advocates suddenly fall silent.
  • The head of the German federal government agency for disease control and prevention (Robert Koch Institute), Lothar Wieler, abruptly resigns.

All this is, of course, no coincidence.

On 1 January 2023, an alarming article appeared in The Wall Street Journal, referring to a study published in the leading scientific journal Nature on 19 December 2022. The core message: mRNA vaccines promote an explosion of coronavirus mutations – in vaccinated people. With this, the cat is out of the bag: COVID has become a pandemic of the vaccinated. A “biological time bomb” is now ticking in millions of vaccinated people – an Eldorado for the future markets of the pharmaceutical industry, a Waterloo for all those politicians who pressured millions of people with the baseless vaccination slogans of this industry.

Vaccination Crimes – Dr. Rath Health Foundation