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What happens when a leader loses the trust of the employees, by lying to them and deceiving them in the worst possible ways? What happens when a leader steals the employee’s pension fund and makes off with it personally? What happens when a leader signs an agreement with the union representing the employees, but then rips up the agreement and forces them to work for slave wages, insufficient to even live on?

What happens when a bully nation does these same things with other nations it ‘controls’ via CIA, NATO, OTAN, World Bank, and other ‘government’ bodies?

(1) 2023.01.28 The West Has Lost Already – YouTube

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This $31.5 Trillion USD Debt is a lesser issue as long as the US Dollar is the PetroDollar aka Reserve Currency. However , the War in Ukraine precipitated de-Dollarization. Saudi Arabia along with Egypt, Turkey, Iran, and Argentina are joining BRICS in 2023. Saudia Arabia is already hostile to the PetroDollar as it will accept Chinese Yuan and other currencies (TBD) for oil.

Furthermore, the BRICS likely will be issuing a new currency (based on gold and commodities) to challenge the PetroDollar (Fiat Currency based on intangibles like “trust”).

Correction: Russia just announced a push for a common BRICS currency Unfortunately, the trust for Fiat Currencies are eroding. It was predicated on the US as the sole superpower and Hegemon. As we are already in a multi-polar world, US Petrodollar dominance will erode as it was bound to happen. The question is how fast this will happen.

As the Hegemon the US could dictate “rules” (International Rules-based Order) and force compliance of its vassal states (UK, EU, Japan, South Korea) and weaker states. Not true any longer.

In conclusion, the US is f***ked and this is the end of the US Empire along with its vassals (UK/EU/Japan) (South Korea will align with China; historically Korea was a Chinese vassal state). The US Empire will be economically and politically crippled (permanently).

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