Could Geothermal Plan Edge Out Utah’s Mini Reactors?

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

I recently posted about the increasing costs and delays cropping for proposed Small Modular Nuclear reactors (SMR).

Over the last few years, smart people that I have been talking to have increasingly mentioned geothermal energy, especially the newer, so called “deep geothermal” technologies, as potential dark horses in the decarbonization race. (see Daniel Cohan of Rice above, who says new geothermal could be “breathtaking”- below, Michael Webber of U Texas)

One of the more prominent SMR efforts is being built in Utah, backed by a consortium of utilities. Some of them have been getting a little wobbly as bad news about the project keeps piling up. Now, another developer is offering a potential alternative, using a combination of well-proven, standard geothermal technologies, and a very promising new tech.


The U.S. state of Utah is processing an agreement for a new Small Modular Reactor (SMR) to provide baseline and dispatchable…

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