Lockheed Wants Ukraine’s War to Expand Into Russia – Centre for Research on Globalization

Though that newspaper called Lockheed Martin “the largest US defence contractor,” it is actually the world’s largest one.

As-of 2021, F-16s were selling for $64 million apiece. However that was for only the fully-equipped model, As “Executive Flyers” phrased the matter, on 23 January 2023, under the title “How Much Does a F-16 Cost?”(presumably this would be for use by an “executive”), “The F-16 costs anywhere between $12.7 to $80 million, depending on the variant and the country purchasing the fighter jet. … The exact price charged per F-16 largely depends on the plane’s variant, the country buying it, and when it is bought.” Lockheed’s now inviting countries to buy it for use against Russia — and perhaps to bomb Moscow so as to kill Russia’s Government — could open a bidding-war for these planes, and the prices that each country would be paying might not be made public in some cases. (Of course, that wouldn’t be for use by an “executive,” but it might nonetheless be a use that would be on behalf of an executive; and, if that executive has personal reasons to want to kill Russia’s Government, then whatever the price might be would be “an investment” by that person. The F-16’s range extends “more than 500 miles (860 kilometers)”, and therefore includes considerably beyond Moscow, especially if it takes off from the many parts of Ukraine that are as little as 300 miles from Moscow. Whether Russia might shoot down that F-16 and perhaps invade the country that owned the plane, should be considered by any such buyer, but might not be. It could be just a commercial transaction.)

Lockheed Wants Ukraine’s War to Expand Into Russia – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

If indeed, US or EU F-16s fly into Russia and bomb Moscow, what are the odds that this would trigger a global nuclear war? Pretty high, wouldn’t you agree?

Yet, the entire NATO warmongering crowd seems to be rushing faster and faster towards this Armageddon, because PROFIT, and POWER